“Stratos” Hotel

Astakos is a seaside town of Aetolia-Acarnania County, built on the innermost part of the homonymous bay and on the foot of Mount Veloutsa, an extension of the Akarnic Mountains. It constitutes the seat of the municipality of Xiromero, which it used to be the seat of the municipality of Astakos.

Amongst the many sights there are monasteries and historical locations, such as the Byzantine castle of Dragamestos and the archaeological location of ancient Astakos where the ruins of a temple dedicated to Zeus of Carao can be found. It is 56 kms Northwest from Mesologi and 51 kms West from Agrinio, the largest urban center of the wide area.

Address: Astakos, Aetolia-Acarnania
Built: 1980
Last renovated: 1990
Operates: All year
Capacity: 65 rooms
Tel: 26460 41911
Fax: 26460 41227
E-mail: info@hotelstratos.gr
Web site: www.hotelstratos.gr
Facilities: Breakfast room, central heating, room service. Each room offers private bathroom, air condition, TV set, telephone, refrigerator and veranda with unlimited view to the sea and the Ionian islands.

The hotel is built on the beach with a unique view to the sea and the Ionian Islands. Its ideal location links Aetolia-Acarnania with Eptanisa.

A perfect sea side resort, a unique place for those wanting to relax and enjoy nature.

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